This powerful multi-functional tractor, BELARUS-1523, was developed by the Minsk Tractor Works on the basis of two legendary models: BELARUS-82.1 and BELARUS-1221.2. The result is a tractor of the 3rd traction class, that can cope with a large volume of various agricultural and industrial works.

The BELARUS-1523 tractor has a fairly compact size, good maneuverability, and compatibility with most attachments and trailers. Due to this, it is very popular in the agricultural sector. Farmers actively use the tractor for tillage and soil cultivation, crop care, and harvesting. Utilities and builders also like this model. One can find BELARUS-1523 during street cleaning or laying communications. A closed cabin with great heat and noise insulation allows us to use this machine under all weather conditions.

Features of BELARUS-1523

BELARUS-1523 is equipped with a four-stroke diesel engine with a volume of 7.12 liters and a capacity of 158 hp. Forced circulation of coolant in the system, turbo fuel supply, and automatic control of the oil temperature are the main features of this engine. The fuel tank capacity is 250 liters.

The manual transmission is synchronized and has six operating ranges, which provides 16 forward and eight rear speeds.

By the way, gears switch without the loss of power. The hydraulic system is responsible for the operation of the mounted and trailed equipment in the tractor. There are several outputs for connecting various units.

The tractor has a front-wheel drive with a self-locking differential, which turns on automatically when the rear wheels lose traction. The wheelbase of the tractor is of different diameters; the front wheels have smaller size are placed on the front axle of the beam type. To reduce the pressure on the ground and increase the permeability of equipment, there is a function of wheels doubling. Also, the manufacturer has installed special counterweights on the front half-frame in order for a tractor to hold the road well, and the additional equipment to work correctly.

Due to an unusual cylindrical shape, the tractor cab offers a panoramic view for a driver. A steering tube and a seat can be adjusted depending on the height and size of an operator — all elements of the attachment control unit close at hand. The air conditioning system is already provided as standard, as well as additional rubber seals for additional tightness of the cab. Drivers note the ease of tractor use and comfortable working conditions.

Additional equipment options:

  • Front PTO;
  • Front hitch;
  • mechanical stepped gearbox (24/12);
  • Air conditioning;
  • Front ballast with a total weight of up to 1025 kg;
  • Optional seat;
  • Set for doubling the front and rear wheels.


Power 148/109
Wheel arrangement 4К4
The performance of the cab with cylindrical glasses
Class 3
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