Russian Agricultural Bank

The program called Credit secured by purchased machines and/or equipment of PJSC Rosselkhozbank is proposed for agricultural producers, and farming enterprises to update the fleet of machinery and/or equipment.

New domestic or imported machines and/or equipment is subject to Credit, namely:

  • Agricultural machines and spare parts for them: tractors and a full range of attachments for all types of agricultural work;
  • Construction machines and spare parts for bulldozers, excavators, wheel loaders, truck cranes, etc;
  • The main conditions of the Credit secured by purchased machines and/or equipment program:
  • Advance payment of 10% of the cost of purchased machines and/or equipment;
  • Loan term – up to 7 years;
  • Acquired machines and/or equipment acts as a guarantee;
  • Payment of interest and principal on loan is carried out monthly or quarterly;
  • Grace period for loan repayment up to 12 months, during which only interest is paid.


The concessional loan from Sberbank of Russia for the purchase of equipment made in Belarus.

Take advantage of the special offer of Sberbank of Russia OJSC and the Government of the Republic of Belarus – the program for the purchase of Belarusian equipment for legal entities-residents of the Russian Federation and individual entrepreneurs-citizens of the Russian Federation.

Within the program, one can use the special loans called Business-Auto or Business-Invest for the purchase of equipment made in Belarus and sold by legal entities of the Republic of Belarus or the Russian Federation.

The advantages of credits under the program for purchasing of equipment made in Belarus:

  • The Government of the Republic of Belarus pays the part of the amount of interest for using a loan within the refinancing rate on the date of loan agreement conclusion;
  • Financing against various types of security, including secured by acquired equipment;
  • Reliable suppliers of machines and equipment.

How to get the loan?

  1. Fill out an application for a loan for the purchase of equipment.
  2. Provide a full package of documents to the regional branch of Sberbank of Russia;
  3. Bank assesses your creditworthiness;
  4. Then it decides on granting a loan with the compensation of a part of the credit rate;
  5. Conclude a loan agreement and a pledge agreement with a bank;
  6. Pay an advance payment and fulfill bank requirements for providing loan support under the agreement;
  7. Get a loan and transfer money to a dealer account.
  8. Obtain acquired equipment;
  9. Get compensation for part of the credit rate in the amount of the refinancing rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.


Rosagroleasing JSC offers Russian agrarians machines and auxiliary equipment on favorable terms with state support.

The agricultural producer can choose machines and equipment suitable for its needs and opportunities, and apply to Rosagroleasing JSC with an appropriate application.

You can become a leaseholder if you registered your business more than 12 months ago (24 months, in case if the total amount of obligations to Rosagroleasing JSC exceeds 30 million rubles).

Regional subsidy

Regional subsidy programs

Regional subsidy programs were developed in each region of the Russian Federation. The following types of subsidies are provided within the framework of these programs:

  • Subsidies for reimbursement under leasing agreements regarding payments that make up the leasing company income, minus the cost of equipment purchased on a lease, as well as reimbursement of the advance payment portion;
  • Subsidies for the reimbursement of the part of the cost of acquiring machines and equipment;
  • Subsidies for reimbursement of expenses related to the payment of the fee for the provision of a bank guarantee and (or) under guarantee contracts;
  • Other subsidies.

Federal subsidy

Federal subsidy programs

Subsidies from the federal and regional budgets are provided to the subjects of the agro-industrial complex of the Russian Federation for the reimbursement of the part of the cost of paying interest on investment loans for up to 8 years received in Russian credit organizations for the purchase of agricultural machines and equipment used in crop production and animal breeding under the Federal Program for the Development of Agriculture and the Regulation of Agricultural Products, Raw Materials and Food Markets for 2013 - 2020.

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Application form

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