Lightweight disc harrow FORWARD

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Forward is a universal disc harrow. It is used in the fields for cultivation of light and medium soils, surface stubble cultivation, cutting of soil after plowing.

High speed with low power requirements provides high performance.

After tillage, the harrow creates a shallow-surface soil layer, with intensively mixed and crushed plant residues. It cuts vegetation.

The mutual arrangement of the disks of the working bodies, as well as the spring block of the overload protection, allows one to work on stony soils and in fields with a large number of plant residues.




 Working speed, km/h

Up to 15

 Working capture width, m


 Tillage depth, no more than, cm


 Weight, kg               


 Number of working bodies, pcs .:

                      - in one row

                      - Total




 Number of rows of discs.


 Distance between the rows of discs, mm


  Diameter of disks, mm


 Dimensions in the working (transport)

  position, mm:






6280 (2950)

1430 (3670)

6980 (6540)

The arrangement of the working bodies allows you to get a high-quality treated surface, with the maximum cutting of plant debris and intensive mixing.

Tines are made of high-quality alloyed high-strength steel.

The bearing unit of the working body is maintenance-free and is protected from dust and dirt by a cassette seal.

Spherical discs with cutouts, diameter 610 mm. The distance between the working bodies is 275 mm.

The tandem roller transverse copying system, located on the hinged suspension allows one to reduce the load on the frame when working on uneven fields and improves the copying of the soil by the entire unit.

The longitudinal copying system is intended to ensure uniform pressure on each drum of the roller and allows one to get a uniformly compacted surface of the field.

The dynamic load on the frame is reduced in the same way when tilling fields with a large number of stones and irregularities.

A barrier prevents the release of soil to untilled areas.

Rod-slatted tandem roller

The rods in the roller are located at an angle to the rotation axis, which ensures constant contact of the roller with soil, smooth movement, and resistance to clogging.

The plates of the rear slatted roller intensively and evenly distribute the soil.

The diameter of the rollers is 400 mm.                              

The horizontal position of the side frames is adjusted using the adjustable hinges of the hydraulic cylinder.


The narrow hitch tongue with a replaceable earring provides high maneuverability of the unit during turns. It can be equipped with a cross-bar for a three-point linkage for a tractor of 3rd and 4th categories.

Adjustment of the tillage depth is carried out using clips located on the rods of the hydraulic cylinders. This allows one to conveniently and quickly adjust the unit to the required depth.

Spring protection of tine and a cutting unit


Application form

By submitting the form, You accept the terms of the personal data processing agreement

Application form

By submitting the form, You accept the terms of the personal data processing agreement

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