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Capture width — 4 m.

Compared to double-row, four-row harrows provide more efficient tillage and require fewer passes.

Harrow productivity - up to 4.8 hectares per hour, with a tractor of 280-300 hp: MTZ 3022DV, K-744Р1, K-701, and other similar ones.

Designed for resource-saving pre-sowing and basic tillage to a depth of 8 to 15 cm for grain, industrial and fodder crops. It is used for grinding, leveling, and compaction of the soil, rejuvenation of meadows and pastures. Destroys weeds, crushes crop residues after harvesting crops.


It can be equipped with various rollers depending on the type of soil  

Spiral roller For dry and light soil. It crumbles, smoothes the surface of the field, combs out the weeds.
Cutaway roller For light and medium soil. Fragments lumps, packs, and compacts the soil, levels the surface of the field.
Combined Roller For medium and heavy soil. It creates a microrelief for sowing, crumbles, crushes lumps, and combs out weeds.

It can be completed with various bearing units  

Maintained -free bearing assembly  It requires timely maintenance, but with proper care, it lasts longer. 
Maintenance-free bearing assembly The sealed unit does not need additional lubrication.

It can be completed with various supports 

Conventional supports The bearing assembly is located on the inside of a disc. Standard location.
Extended supports The bearing assembly of the disk working body is located on the convex side of a disk. This reduces the load on the site, reduces traction resistance, which means it saves fuel and lubricants. Also, extended supports are much less clogged with plant debris.
Productivity per 1 hour of the main time, ha/h  Up to 4,8
Working speed, km/h Up to 12
Capture width, m 4
Weight, kg 3695
Tillage depth, cm Up to 15
Overall dimensions (in working position, mm)
Length 7000±210
Width 4306±130


Diameter of discs, mm 560
Diameter of roller, mm 530
Number of working bodies 40
Angle of attack of a disk, deg. 0°—24°
Distance mm
between disks in a row 400
between rows of discs 850
Service life, years  8

Soil Processing Quality Indicators

Ridgeness of soil surface  Not more than 3 cm 
Soil crumbling (lump size not more than 25 mm) Not less than 90 %
Shredding crop residues 60 %
Plant and crop residues 98 %
Soil requirements This harrow is intended for use in all agroclimatic zones on all types of soils, except stony soils. The processing quality is ensured in soils with a specific resistance of up to 0.09 MPa (0.9 kg/cm2), the hardness of up to 3.0 MPa (30kg/cm2), and extreme moisture content of up to 25%.

Aggregated with

Tractor power  280-300 hp
Models MTZ 3022DV, K-744Р-05, K-424, K-744Р1, K-701, K-100A.

Application form

By submitting the form, You accept the terms of the personal data processing agreement

Application form

By submitting the form, You accept the terms of the personal data processing agreement

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